Getting FREE NARCAN NASAL SPRAY for Georgia High Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Public Libraries

High schools, public libraries, universities, and YMCAs may obtain free Narcan Nasal Spray through:

In the menu, click “Public Service”.

Select “Resources”.

Scroll down to “Community Programs Request Forms”. Click “Learn More”.

Download the appropriate form.

Print, complete, and submit your form to the address on the downloaded page.
Do not send this form to Georgia Overdose Prevention.

On the left side of the form where it requests AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE, write:
LOA on file for GA per EBSI’s Rob Jacobson.

You do not have to visit a physician to get their prescriber’s license #, name, and signature. The letter of authorization on file which Georgia Overdose Prevention got Dr. Shonali Saha to write and put on file with Emergent BioSolutions, Inc does that!

Georgia Overdose Prevention does not supply schools, healthcare providers, law enforcement or first responders with naloxone. Our grant specifies that we provide our kits to laypeople at highest risk of overdose (active users of street drugs, people on prescription opioids, people in recovery, sex workers, people recently released from incarceration/detox/rehab), especially those who are uninsured or underinsured. We also equip loved ones of those at-risk groups listed above who are in frequent close proximity to the at-risk person and could intervene if an overdose occurs.

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