Cofounders Robin Elliott and Laurie Fugitt have recorded two training presentations.

The longest one is a little over an hour and includes cofounder Robin Elliott’s emotional story of her son Zack whom she lost to an overdose, Georgia Overdose Prevention’s creation of GA’s 911 Medical Amnesty and Expanded Naloxone Access Law and our process in getting the law passed, the protections and immunity the 911 Medical Amnesty Law provides, and naloxone information and demo. This training can be valuable to people struggling with substance use or in recovery, especially when they can see the ongoing effect a loss from overdose has on a family member.

Watch the 67 min. presentation & training:

The shorter presentation is 20 minutes. It briefly recounts the loss of Zack, a quick summary of the 911 Medical Amnesty Law, and a 15 min naloxone demo by Cofounder Laurie Fugitt, RN.

Watch the 20 min. presentation & training: